Cat’s Cleaning Tips ~ Dusting

Dusting seems to be a never-ending task. One day everything sparkles and a few days later it’s back!
If you want to dust without having it come back within days, maybe another technique would help keep it at bay longer.

Consider the crevice tool like the one above. Vacuuming dusting is one of the best ways to really get to the dust and delete it for good.
Products like the fluffy tools on the end of the stick, while they attract some dust, they don’t get it all, not to mention the environmental consequences of throwing these away constantly.
This tool easily gets in all the nooks and crannies, blinds, plantation shudders, baseboards, you name it. The bristles are made from horse hair (the best ones are) that naturally attract the dust and are gentle on all surfaces. You can also attach them on long poles to reach the tops of your drapes, upper crown molding, anywhere you can’t reach, but the dust can.

You can turn down the suction of the vacuum and vacuum fabrics, hard surfaces and upholstery.
Having the right tools always makes the job easier.

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