Do Not Choose A House Cleaning Service Without Reading This!

Are you too busy to take care of the house or do the routine cleaning of your home? With the juggling of work, kids, cooking and shopping why not let the experts at Cat’s Cleaning Service help with the housework and maintenance of your home?

How Can the House Cleaning Experts Help?

The professional’s at Cat’s Cleaning Service will clean your home from top to bottom, from the crown molding to baseboards, from windows and windowsills to ovens and refrigerators. They know what and how to clean and bring all their own high-quality natural cleaning supplies and tools. There is nothing you need do but sit back and relax. Better yet, spend the day shopping drinking coffee and reading, then come home and WOW. Your home will sparkle from top to bottom and smell as fresh as a spring day.

Are they Reliable, Trustworthy, Insured?

Before choosing a house cleaning service, a reference check is often a good idea. If someone was referred to you by a friend, no further information is needed if you trust your friend’s recommendation. Most good housekeeping services like Cat’s Cleaning, do not need any advertising other than word of mouth. Their work speaks for itself and word travels fast. Liability insurance is an extra layer of protection you might consider when hiring a cleaning service. Cat’s Cleaning Service of Louisville, KY proudly carries a one-million-dollar liability policy for your peace of mind.

What else should you consider?

Does the company use high-quality natural cleaning products? Cat’s Cleaning Service uses all-natural cleaning products, from white vinegar (which is also an anti-bacterial) to Mrs. Meyer’s, all-natural cleaning products that won’t harm your home, plants or pets.  Your home will sparkle and smell fresh and clean, not stinky clean.

Now is the time to contact us at Cat’s House Cleaning of Louisville, KY. Call us Today.

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