Preventing House Cleaning Accidents House cleaning is a part of everyday essential living and while you realize its importance, you would probably rather skip it. However, the reasons not to miss are multiple. Chief among them, having a clean house equals a more sterile germ-free living experience. Moreover, when your house remains orderly and clean […]

Kitchen Cleaning For many offices, the kitchen area is also a part of the break area. While this section of the office is generally not accessible to clients, kitchens are full of germs and can benefit from the care of an office cleaning service. For the kitchen, office cleaning companies will empty the trash cans […]

Office Cleaning Services Regardless of how impressive a business may be, first impressions make a difference when it comes to its continued success. A cluttered, dirty office conveys an image that the business and its employees are unorganized and that attention to details is not a priority. To avoid presenting a negative image, many businesses […]

Here Is Your 15 Minute Clean Routine Let’s face it: We’ve all got busy lives, and we don’t often have the time to make sure that our homes are sparkling clean. Or do we? There are a few strategies you can use to help keep your living space tidy, and many of them only take […]

Cat’s Cleaning Tips ~ Dusting Dusting seems to be a never-ending task. One day everything sparkles and a few days later it’s back! If you want to dust without having it come back within days, maybe another technique would help keep it at bay longer. Consider the crevice tool like the one above. Vacuuming dusting […]

Cat’s Cleaning Tips ~ Grout Cleaning If you have tile grout in your home, chances are it’s in need of cleaning, especially if it’s a lighter color. While there is no escaping elbow grease with this particular task, there are a few things to make it easier. First, get the right tool for the job. […]

You love your family and your pets, but it gets hard cleaning up after them. Kids, dogs, and dirt go together, like, well, the peanut butter and jelly that gets smeared on your countertops. It’s easy to reach for the spray cleaner and the paper towels a dozen times a day — but that can […]