Preventing House Cleaning Accidents

House cleaning is a part of everyday essential living and while you realize its importance, you would probably rather skip it. However, the reasons not to miss are multiple. Chief among them, having a clean house equals a more sterile germ-free living experience. Moreover, when your house remains orderly and clean it can also add a positive vibe to your environment which in turn can uplift your mood.

Nevertheless, the downside of the process is that you may have accidents if you are not careful while cleaning your home. These accidents can range from innocent to serious and it is imperative you prepare your environment beforehand for cleaning to minimize these risks.

The professionals working at Cat’s House Cleaning Service have come up with some precautionary measures that you can follow while cleaning your home. Check them out.

Household Falls

To clean a home thoroughly and efficiently it is always best to work from the top down. This will involve step stools and ladders depending on the height needed. Crown molding, ceiling fans and the tops of blinds and or high shelving often need some type of height assistance to clean. Always make certain your ladder or step stool is in good condition and will make a sturdy and motionless platform from which to reach different areas. Make sure the ladder or step stool is positioned close to the area where you need to work and is free from any obstructions around it and the platform on the floor is secure.

Whenever or wherever possible, use mops, long handled dusters, and vacuum cleaners with telescopic wands wherever possible. If you do have to climb a ladder or step stool, it is always best to have some assistance with this, someone nearby in case there is a fall or someone to hold the ladder while reaching if necessary, are both smart precautions.

Check for Fire hazards

Fire accidents can occur more frequently when people are deep cleaning their homes and putting things away for long term storage. It is often forgotten to keep flammable items like paper, cloth, and plastics away from combustible liquids like kerosene and spirits and to make sure that they are stored away safely from each.

The house cleaning professionals at Cat’s Cleaning Service suggest being proactive about fire accidents before cleaning by first removing all flammable or combustible liquids and putting them in a safe place out of your vicinity. This way they will not get knocked or tripped over while you are actively cleaning.

Check that Kitchen Cleaning is Safe

Kitchen cleaning can also invite domestic accidents if you are not careful. Items inside the kitchen like the gas oven, garbage disposal and sharp knives can lead to accidents and close attention must be used while handling them.

Accordingly, you must be more attentive when cleaning the kitchen than other areas of the home. While cleaning the stove top, be careful not to inadvertently turn the gas or burners on. It would not take long for a house to fill with lethal gas. Knives should be all stored away before starting to clean; picking up a knife later with wet hands could lead to cuts and other accidents.

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